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Big Views Should Have Big Openings

December 1, 2010

Think about looking at yourself in a mirror.  If the mirror is small, you have to get very close to it to see your face.  If the mirror is hung too low, you have to bend at the knees to see your face.  If the mirror is too high, you have to stand on your toes to see if your belt buckle is on level.  Window size and placement have the same realities.  To see a big view from deep in the interior of your house, the window needs to be relatively large.  Similarly, to see beautiful hills in the distance, it’s often “mean” to cut off the top side of that view by having the top of the window (known to construction nerds as its “head”) set to the classic 6’8” door “head” height.  When the view is big or distant or what you’re looking at is tall, the larger opening makes sense.  Similarly, if your view is down a hill, the lower its sill the better.  Note that this is an “inside rule” – the way your house opens from the outside may have to mud wrestle with what you want to see from the inside.

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