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Demo is Cheap

December 22, 2010

It stands to reason that something that takes a lot of thought takes more time to execute than mindless activity.  Similarly, something that needs to be precise takes more preparation and control to execute.  Time is money.  Demolition is imprecise and takes precious little mindfulness – but it’s not risk free. There are three things that can get you into trouble in demolition:

  1. You could knock something out that’s holding something else up and you’ll be crushed.
  2. You could smash through walls or floors and hit pipes or wires, gas or waste lines that control very dangerous things (high pressure water, natural gas, electricity, and poop).
  3. Things that you are smashing and bashing into bits often contain chemicals, particulates, and gases that can kill you.

For this reason, it may make sense to hire a professional to do your demo work.  Since demolition is not rocket science, it’s pretty cheap.  It costs about one-tenth as much to remove a non-bearing wall as it does to build one (perhaps $50 to remove, $500 to put up).  Conversely when you have to relocate loads, things get a more pricy.  But it surely costs far less (perhaps $1,500) to remove part of a wall and to insert a big window than to add a sunroom (perhaps $15,000).

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