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Style Is Not A Religion – Flexible Aesthetics Help.

April 5, 2011

Stick-built American homes are genius in their flexibility.  However, when an extremely rigid style (academically perfect Classical, historically perfect Colonial, consistently frenetic Victorian, pristinely abstracted Modernism) end up making mountains out of mole holes of perfected details, orientations, scales, and alignments, things can get very expensive.  If the perfect is necessary, it will be the enemy of the good, and often striving for perfection in renovating a house means that the renovation ends up being so costly when bid that nothing happens.  So when you think about recreating your home, know that although its style may be charming, it doesn’t necessarily have to be “picture perfect” to actually get a better (though perhaps imperfect) home.  If your home is its own Bible, Quran, or Torah it may be time for a little heresy.

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