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Are You Here? – Why I wrote Staying Put.

August 22, 2011

Over the last three decades at every level of budget, I have created design solutions that that answer questions that plague unhappy residents of misfit homes. Until recently, homeowners assumed their next house could fix the problems of their present house and that solution was just a just a simple transaction or two away. No more. The intellectually lazy, environmentally suspect and economically unsustainable mass delusion of an ever expanding American housing market is justifiably dead. In its place, comes a more nimble, nuanced and resourceful nation of homeowners.

Our cultural hubris has had a dramatic buzz kill, but the lessons learned point the way toward a reality based, value centered building ethic. Given the overbuilding and under thinking of the last decade, our moral, fiscal and practical compass points to an era of starting with what we have first. Renovation of the home you cannot leave may not be a “King of the World” peak experience of ego projection – but the empowerment of taking control is undeniable if there is a strategy based on knowledge and creativity.

Working with the hard-edged presence of any existing building requires more patience, knowledge and craftiness than the reordered tear-down mentality of unfettered expansion or building on a naked site. But the advantages of sober thinking and value conscious building are obvious and will be revealed, explained and expounded in this book.

“Staying Put” will take one of our most basic human characteristics – homesteading – and give that instinctively powerful mission a direction that has not been celebrated in recent American history – adapt, renew and revitalize our existing housing stock.

It is the value system of our ancestors who viewed their homes to be so central to their lives that they would often move them to wherever they wanted to live.

As a culture we have woken up from a building bender, the hangover is ebbing and we are able see a little more clearly than when we were drunk on a boom high or crushed in the wake of its implosion.

Preview Staying Put here.

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  1. December 5, 2011 7:38 pm

    off to amazon to order book….im architect, recently victim of firm downsize. gonna open design counseling firm in the spring. Goal to provide 2 hr +/_ meeting with sketches and thats the whole enchilada. Cost, for starters- 2-300 bucks plus milage. Anyway, I may give out free copies of your an incentive. Are there discounts for mass purchases 🙂 ?

    also, I enjoy the mass reduction articles! I have gone under ( some) mass reduction also….all attributed to not sitting at the computer all day since being downsized!

    anyway great stuff Duo!

  2. December 6, 2011 11:39 am

    Will sign any and all books with free return postage! Thanks for the kind words!


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