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Episode 36: The Man Show

March 7, 2012

(In the words of co-host Bruce Barber as excerpted from the RLSG website)

Episode 36 was a bit of a college reunion; joining us my were fellow Hobart grads, New York Times Tech columnist Bob Tedeschi and ESPN producer Steve Petyerak. Rounding out this manly conclave: cohost Duo Dickinson, software engineer Justin Gill, and rugby coach and new media man John Broker. We met in a great spot with an extremely manly beer selection – The Cask Republic on Crown Street in New Haven – and we talked about everything from self-check out etiquette to the proper way for parents of athletes to behave at sporting events.

For the past 13 years Bob Tedeschi has been a weekly technology columnist for the New York Times, and for many of those years he’s also written  weekly or monthly columns on other topics, including travel, mortgages, small town life and, currently, do-it-yourself home improvement. Bob is also a high school lacrosse coach and a longtime youth basketball and lacrosse coach in Guilford, where he lives with his wife and four children (two boys, two girls), whose ages range between 10 and 23.

Steve Petyerak writes and produces predominantly on the 8pm and 11pm editions of SportsCenter, ESPN’s signature program. His responsibilities include selecting and driving content, writing the open of each program, collaborating with anchors to prepare the program, and working in the control room. Before working at ESPN, Steve was a Producer/Writer at Good Morning America, where he received 2 Emmys, as the show was named Outstanding Morning Program.

Justin Gill is a software developer who has worked for the NHL and ESPN. 15 years ago he met a girl from New Haven. Together they own a house in Westville. Although Justin considers himself an urbanite, he plans to have a small farm with goats and miniature donkeys. He loves hockey, Apple computers and only grills with charcoal. Follow Justin on Twitter @newhavengill.

John Broker, General Manager for H2H Media, has been a dedicated sports professional for over 10 years in progressive endeavors including broadcast, marketing, events, high performance athlete development, and athletic organization development.  John is also the coach of Yale University Men’s Rugby. Prior to entering the sports field, John worked as a Project Manager in the A/E field, developing operational plans for communities to address infrastructure needs through transit solutions across the United States.

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