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Cleveland Plain Dealer reviews Staying Put

March 12, 2012

Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 8, 2012

The Homeowner’s Bookshelf

Compiled by Julie E. Washington

“Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want”

By Duo Dickinson

(Taunton Press, 265 pp., $24.95)

The trend of moving up to bigger homes is over, says Duo Dickinson, the author of several books on residential design. “Staying Put” is about remodeling your home not to sell it, but to live in it.

“Staying put does not mean standing pat,” writes Dickinson, who offers blunt opinions about housing trends like great rooms: “Gone from new construction, the great room’s literal echoes resonate amid the lost heat of its inflated air bag of space and its unwashable double-height glass walls.”

“Staying Put” is an indispensable manual with practical advice about all the little details you might otherwise overlook when tackling a remodeling project, such as dealing with trees, utilities and your local building department, and choosing a floor plan. Everything is laid out in clear language, and there are numerous photos showing examples of good and bad remodels.

Under Dickinson’s tutelage, you’ll go into a remodeling project realistic, informed and in charge. Read this before a single nail is pounded.



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