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Episode 39: Happiness, Wealth and Reasonable Self-Promotion

March 28, 2012

(In the words of co-host Bruce Barber as excerpted from the RLSG website)

We recorded Episode 39 at a lovely corner table at Carmen Anthony Steakhouse in New Haven – over their award-winning chopped salad and crab cakes – with our guest editors, Laura Campbell, Scott Feinberg, Jud Smith, and Gerry McGuire. We talked about correcting people, our infatuation with the rich, and navigating the DMV…

Gerry McGuire took his love of history, trivia, comedy, literature, music and film and turned himself into a pop culture quoting, chat machine. He is like Cliff Claven from Cheers if Cliff Claven was stunningly handsome, awesomely funny and unbelievably humble. He fancies himself what the French would describe as a raconteur or what Americans call, a loud mouth. Gerry writes for Milford Living Magazine, sings in the Celtic rock band The Butcher Boys and is a stay at home dad.

Laura Campbell is CEO and founder of The D Spot, which is is dedicated to helping women regroup, renew and reinvent themselves before, during and after divorce. She is a Divorce Expert and Life Reinvention Consultant, and the author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete, Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Legal, Financial, and Personal Divorce.

Scott Feinberg, a lifelong resident of Woodbridge, is the lead awards analyst for The Hollywood Reporter, and has one of the world’s best track records at predicting the Oscars. He also operates his own website,, and Tweets at

Jud Smith is the Superintendent at Orange Hills Country Club in Orange, Connecticut, a public golf course that has been in the Smith family since 1949.

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