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It’s All About Wood: Wood’s Uses

April 10, 2012

Structurally wood can be used like steel (post and beam) or can gain strength from a composite of stiffeners and membranes/diaphragms (stick frame).  It can be virtually monolithic like concrete (log construction) or it can be a space frame (truss construction).  Wood can make gussets, ties, columns, beams of pieced or laminated material, and can become skins of overlapping material – clapboards, shingles, board and batten, or laminated sheets (plywood), or be monomaterial (log).  Some species of wood can be used for roofs, or it heavily treated for the right subsoil conditions it can be used as foundations.

Wood can be shaped to tolerances down to 1/32”, but can easily move up to ¾” depending on humidity.  Species, graining, and treatments can give the same essential material the most extreme varieties of visual contrast imaginable.

Wood is one of the very few materials that is completely, 100% renewable with almost 100% of its harvested product useable in some form or fashion.

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