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Episode 42: I Thought It Was Episode 41

April 16, 2012

(In the words of co-host Bruce Barber as excerpted from the RLSG website)

The great thing about co-hosting (and producing) your own radio show is that you have a great deal of the coveted control. The problem, at least in my case, is that this means that I control the errors as well, and you’ll hear a GLARING one about a minute into this week’s effort.

Fortunately, the parts of the show left to others (mainly Cindy, our intrepid producer, and the wonderful staff at IKEA New Haven), the rest of the show came off without a hitch.

And speaking of IKEA (Cindy’s idea, natch), I am still feeling the love. No one had made us a sign… until Dale (and the IKEA graphics department) came into our lives.

IKEA, you complete me.

Where was I? Oh, I’m pretty sure we’re talking about Episode 42 (you’ve really got to listen!), and we were jointed by an incredible group of guest editors; Suzi Craig, Brent Robertson, Paudi Barry, Harry Schwartz, and Doug Tenaglia.

Pádraig ’s Barry’s experience is in residential care and administration. For 19 years, he has worked with Hole in the Wall Camps (Paul Newman’s Camp for Children and Families dealing with LIFE-THREATENING and CHRONIC ILLNESSES), in various roles. Currently, as the Director of Camp Support Services, Pádraig works with 28 camps and programs worldwide ensuring quality of programming and starting new camps. He is also co-owner of O’Toole’s Irish pub with three other chaps from Ireland.

Harry Schwartz is practicing physician, and Duo promises that once he decides to actually go to a doctor, Harry will be his first choice.

Doug Tenaglia graduated from USC Film School. He was named Best Connecticut Filmmaker of 2008 for directing “Love and Class in Connecticut,” winner of Best Narrative Short Film at the New England Film and Video Festival and an Official Selection at the Berkshire International Film Festival. Doug’s first feature, “All Me, All the Time,” stars Keir Dullea (Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”). Both films are available at

Doug started his career as an advertising copywriter in Manhattan, at Backer Spielvogel Bates. He’s created national television and radio campaigns He’s just released a novel on kindle titled “Free Vermont.”

Suzi Craig is brilliant, creative and a sheer delight, and Brent Robertson is an artist, designer, speaker, philanthropist, father, eternal optimist and entrepreneur. (Not necessarily in that order.)

The energy was really great with this dynamic group (in a dynamic setting) and we told tales about everything from spring cleaning to breaking bad habits and trying to decide whether to renovate or redecorate.

Oh, and did I mention… THE SIGN?!?

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