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Episode 47: Unexpected Roaming Charges, Elderly Parents and Spring Allergies

May 23, 2012

(In the words of co-host Bruce Barber as excerpted from the RLSG website)

Our guest editors are getting really good at choosing interesting topics, and this week was no exception; we held a lively meeting at Mikro (pronounced micro – as in brewing) in Hamden. Around the table: Tod Harris, Barbara Oliver, Joel Sachs, and Raeleen Mautner.

Todney Harris is a teacher, and throughout his career he has shared his passion for learning by emphasizing the Civil Rights Movement and the risks students took in order to receive an education.

While attending Central Connecticut State University, Tod majored in United States History and Business Management with dreams of becoming a corporate researcher. Then, a conversation with his alma mater’s History Department Chair, Dr. Felton Best, changed his life forever. Upon graduating from Quinnipiac University (with a Master of Arts degree in teaching), he dedicated himself to his new calling: educating our children.

Barbara Oliver was born in Hartford, the youngest of 6 girls and 1 boy. She’s been married to Bob for 44 years, and is the mother of Rob, Mac, Patrick and Katy. (She’s also the proud grandmother of Liam, Seamus and now Olivia born 4/27.) Barbara was Executive Director of a Connecticut breast cancer non-profit, and has been a breast cancer survivor for 25 years. [Full disclosure: I was “taken in” – for dinner – by Barb in the late 80’s, and, in the years hence, have adopted the Oliver family as my own!]

Joel Sachs is a CPA, specializing in accounting services, business advisory, financial statements, tax return compliance, tax return preparation, and personal income tax planning. He has more than 37 years of experience, and was promoted to Partner in 1985.

Raeleen Mautner, Ph.D. is a Life Coach, self-help blogger and Author of “Living la Dolce Vita” and a next book to be released in the Srping of ’13 “Lemons into Limoncello”.

She is also the producer and host of “The Art of Living Well” on WNHU Mondays at 7AM and works as a stress-reduction behaviorist for a heart study at Yale.

We talked about Barbara’s unexpected roaming charges on a recent trip to Canada, moved on to allergies and our favorite over-the-counter medications, and finished up with a conversation about how we explain our mortality to our children. Everyone spoke from the heart, and I hope you have a minute  – or 28 – to listen!

Our music this week; Brazil by Pink Martini, It Doesn’t Matter by Firefall, Heatless by Heart, Over The Counter Culture by Donnie, Tell The Truth by Jude Cole and You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones.

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