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Episode 49: Work, Health, Luck, and Kids Activities

June 6, 2012

(In the words of co-host Bruce Barber as excerpted from the RLSG website)

As we near an important milestone in the evolution of the Real Life Survival Guide, our location selection for Episode 49 – as suggested by Gerry McGuire – was fitting. We gathered around a sunny table with stunning mountaintop views at Gouveia Vineyards in Wallingford.

Our guest editors included the aforementioned Mr. McGuire, as well as Liz Petry, and (not coincidentally) the husband and wife team that wrote the book A History of Connecticut Wine: Vineyard in Your Backyard. (The cover photo just happens to be of the same view we enjoyed!)

Gerry McGuire took his love of history, trivia, comedy, literature, music and film and turned himself into a pop culture quoting, chat machine. He is like Cliff Claven from Cheers if Cliff Claven was stunningly handsome, awesomely funny and unbelievably humble. He fancies himself what the French would describe as a raconteur or what Americans call, a loud mouth. Gerry writes for Milford Living Magazine, sings in the Celtic rock band The Butcher Boys and is a stay at home dad.

Old Saybrook native Elisabeth Petry is a writer, former lawyer, and recovering journalist. She is the author of two books: Can Anything Beat White?: A Black Family’s Letters, published in 2005, and At Home Inside: A Daughter’s Tribute to Ann Petry, published in 2008. Liz has also taught college English and is conducting a weekly writers’ workshop for veterans. She lives with her husband, Larry Riley, who is a dog trainer and commander of the Veterans of the Vietnam War Middletown Connecticut.

Poet Amy Nawrocki teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of Bridgeport. She is the author of three poetry collections, “Potato Eaters,” “Nomad’s End,” and “Lune de Miel” (forthcoming) and two prose works, of “A History of Connecut Wine: Vineyard in Your Backyard, and “A History of Connecticut Food” both coauthored with her husband Eric D. Lehman. You can reach her by email at or on Facebook.

Eric D Lehman is a travel and history writer, and Director of Creative Writing at the University of Bridgeport. He dabbles in many genres, and has been published in a wide variety of journals and magazines, from the International Henry Miller Journal to Antiques Trader. His books on Bridgeport, Hamden, and A History of Connecticut Wine are available from The History Press. Other books include A History of Connecticut Food and the Insiders Guide to Connecticut.

We talked about where we’re been (and where we’re going) after 49 episodes… and spilled some wine in the process!

(You’ll have to listen.)



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