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Seven Ways Your House Can Be “Good” (Vs. “Bad”): Part 2

June 8, 2012

This is the 2nd of a 7-part series. Enjoy!

A “Good” house fits the needs of its occupants.  A “bad” house only meets the needs of its occupants in one of several clumsy ways:

a.       The number of bedrooms and baths fit the number of occupants.

b.      The size is big enough to accommodate the basic amount of activity the occupants engage in.

c.       The dollar amount of the monthly mortgage payment.

In truth, these base criteria are important, but they miss many boats.  The number of bedrooms in the house does not mean that they meet the occupants’ many needs.  Rooms may be adequate in size only because they are far larger than they need to be.  A lot of elbow- room prevents misfits in area, but not necessarily in the quality of space provided (a brightly lit space full of windows for a state of the art home theater, a large kitchen which is isolated from an equally large family room by a seldom used formal dining room, etc…).  As there are fewer and fewer predictable households, houses need to find their size to fit the needs of those who use them.

Rule 1

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