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Seven Ways Your House Can Be “Good” (vs. Bad): Part 6

July 31, 2012

This is the 6th of a 7-part series. Enjoy!

6.         A “Good” house considers light, space, and material in its interior design. A “Bad” house only considers surface decoration and its exterior affect trumps interior ambience when the design priorities are sorted out. Because it is designed versus selected, the “Good’ house looks at each space within its walls with a fresh eye to its relationship to the landscape and inwardly at how natural light is used and controlled. This means the height and shape of ceilings is up for grabs, and materials are considered as much for their visual presence after years of wear and exposure to light and air as their “look”.  A homeowner’s fantasies outweigh any Style –and kitchens and baths are designed around use, versus imagery.

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