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Making It Work

January 3, 2013

The formerly fat share a recidivism rate right up there with child molesters.  Most of us get fat again and/or go back to inappropriate touching.  In fact, crack addicts have a better chance of staying off the guaranteed death sentence of a highly illegal activity than we have of keeping our bodies at a height appropriate weight.

Perhaps the most analogous outlook is that of those who have persisted against an egregious societal wrong but are left with the ongoing need for vigilance lest the injustice returns – civil rights after the 1960’s, feminism after the 1970’s, and the Red Sox after 2004.

1.        The sense of nosh entitlement has gone.

2.       The idea that food is required to facilitate sleep has disappeared.

3.       Polite eating no longer exists.

4.       Water has become a legitimate thing to drink.

In losing body mass, I’ve also gained a few insights that have nothing to do with being less fat, which are a suitable coda to this exercise:

1.       You really can’t escape your body.  Ultimately, one way or another, the fact that you have a physical presence will become undeniable, no matter how many eggs benedict or “McCallan 25-year-neat”’s you consume.

2.       You must heal before you can change.  My extremism in career and child rearing focus toxically distorted my perspective.  When our resumes and the resumes of our children blind us to the larger realities of our beliefs, culture and, yes, our bodies, we lose the ability to take control.

3.       “Having it all” proved to be impossible.

4.       You really can’t know where you were until you get where you’re going.  Even though I always knew I was fat, I never really understood how I allowed myself to get that way.

5.       Humor works.  How can I seriously think that being really quite fat is anything but comically ridiculous?  I was fat because I ate too much and moved too little, with zero tragic aspects.

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