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The Bottom Line

April 12, 2013

The bottom line for me is that I learned that refined carbohydrates are the Great Satan. If I eat them regularly I get fat. If I put a strangle hold on them, I can take my mass off the table.

This inconvenient truth (sorry Al) is probably why I even exist in the here and now.  A few thousand years ago some short hairy relative survived a bad winter on a few rancid tubers and thus was able to reproduce– permanently locking into my own genetic code, and that of all my future mass-challenged offspring, the mechanism that allows for an effortless carb-to-body fat transition.  Thanks, Dad.

For these out years I have kept these paradigms acknowledged, but not always followed, mostly to a good end, so far:

1.       Keep your belly full, but with things that won’t make you fat.

2.       Move your body.

3.       Don’t think high calorie foods can be limited to small quantities.

4.       Take the damn vitamin.

5.       It really is all about you.  If you base dramatic and protracted change on getting a better verdict from some perceived judge of who you are, their approval will never be enough.

6.       The delivery system is as important as the food.  Burgers, deep fat fried chicken strips, candy bars, potato chips, and peanuts are fabulously successful as dietary saboteurs.  They’re just so damn easy to eat.  Their bite-sized, grab-friendly nature allows for instant gratification without any thought or preparation.

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