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Homes Get A Life

July 30, 2013

-home design and where we are in our lives – a series of pieces describing the prototypic home requirements as our lives evolve

HOUZZ is running the following series of articles, but I need homes to illustrate the life stages I will be writing about – does your home, a home you designed, a home you know of fit these paradigms? Send your images to -I am excited to see what you have!

The First Place – IKEA, paint and plants

The Coupled Launch – When Which Bed, Closet Space Allocation, and Combining Kitchens measures the balance of domestic gravitas in a relationship

The Plunge – The first owned home and the balance of money, style and neighborhood

The Family House – When children become the client – hiding, choreographing and celebrating the chaos that is the pre-teen home

The 20 Year Home – The diapers are gone, homework has begun – when a home must seamlessly accommodate the overwhelming schedules and changes of full on family-raising

The Half-Full Nest – They go away/they come back – when bedrooms are museums and flop houses – combining the SRO and middle age in the family home

Will We Stay or Will We Go? – Whether the 20 Year Home becomes the rest of your life home – the criteria for selling and finding a new place or renovating for the rest of your life

Making Home Fit Body – As our bodies “evolve” our homes have to, or they become places of frustration versus safe harbors – the tools that can make any home a hospitable place for easier living

The Place of Rest – The ways a home can accommodate become a comfort when you have finally reached a time of reflection and repose

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  1. August 2, 2013 4:12 pm

    I think that my place can fit the “place of rest” category. Although the landscaping is not restful at ALL….

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