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Constructing 290 Oak Hill Road by Allan Shope: Construction Photos

October 13, 2013

Construction of the house on Oak Hill Road is underway, and here is the first set of photos we would like to share.

 The pictures show the hole that has been dug for the house construction, and concrete being poured into the forms for the walls of the house.  Traditional concrete forms are made of either wood or metal, which is stripped off after the concrete has set.  The forms in these pictures, called insulating concrete forms (ICF), are interlocking styrofoam modular units.  The forms remain in place as a permanent substrate, binding to the concrete and creating a super-insulated wall system.  The concrete pour for the house walls consisted of 216 cubic yards of 4000 PSI concrete delivered over the course of six hours in twelve concrete trucks.  There are over three miles of steel reinforcing bars in the house structure.

We will form and pour the parapet walls of the roof structure next week, the main floor slab in two weeks, and the concrete roof structure in approximately three weeks. We hope to waterproof the structure during the last week of October, and backfill the house and cover the roof with dirt and sod before Thanksgiving.

We will share construction photos of the roof structure being poured next month.




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