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Constructing 290 Oak Hill Road by Allan Shope: Construction Photos Round 2

December 7, 2013
This is the second set of construction photos for the house on Oak Hill Road in Livingston, NY.
The concrete walls and floors are complete, and the house has been backfilled.  The roof structural system, made up of a complex steel reinforcing grid on top of the insulating concrete forms I described last month, can be seen in the photos just before we poured 200 cubic yards of concrete on November 22.  It was necessary to build 800 temporary wood columns on a 2’ x 2’ grid inside the house to support the wet cement, which weighed approximately 300,000 pounds as it was poured. A large pumping truck placed the concrete with a long boom to reach 150 feet from the truck.  A normal residential roof with standard roof shingles is designed for a roof load of 40 pounds per square foot.  This roof is designed for a roof load of approximately 400 pounds per square foot to support the weight of the earth and snow that will be on top of the house when it is finished.
We will be working on completing the exterior of the house during the next couple of months.  The walls will be receiving plywood sheathing, followed by a waterproof membrane, followed by copper sheathing.  The glass doors and windows will be installed in about a month and we will share more construction pictures towards the end of January.

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