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Spring Roll

March 8, 2014

Mammals eat and sleep more during winter. Despite fur, humans wear clothes. Those clothes collide with that eating when a certain  -tightness-  evidences itself.

Despite working out every day, eating only when hungry, when that hunger satiates towards the fat side of the ledger and there are no lawns to mow, no amount of intermittent snow shoveling overcomes the extra calorie count when you eat the same amount of brownies as you formerly ate kale.

The second collar button is snug, the pants button buttoning requires sucking in and pulling over in a Tai Chi movement that only subsides with compression that is Under Armor Worthy. This gets old fast (like me). The cure is both simple and stupidly absent from winter larding.

Eat Less Move More

So Lent this year involves weaning. Less volume, less calories per ounce. More muscles moving more minutes. The Bow Flex is back to a daily relationship, and the biking that wrecked the internal gearing 3 times in the last year has seen a radical fix: fusing its guts to the highest resistance. For 90 minutes. Every Day.

This is not self-flagellatory, this is corrective. This is refocusing from a winter white out that added an inch (when I say that, it means 2) to a waist that is comfy with pants I will not abandon. Everything still “fits” (and when I say”fits” I mean “binds”).

Being a Cradle Frozen Chosen, Lent has a legacy for me: it’s supposed to be a time when abstinence focus attention on what you value – religio-speak calls this “mindfulness”. This ain’t “mindfulness” this is undoing too-fullness. Denial of gluttony is a life-long undercurrent for me – but being gluttonous never leaves you, you just deal with it.

Eating is not an addiction -it is a joy and a mindless nervous tic. Defeating the tic, while experiencing the joy is the sweet spot of control without regret. Binding clothing is not worth binding your stomach, or sucking subcutaneous fat out from your distended body bag in a gut-less make-up call, but it does motivate shutting the pie hole upon occasion and moving the whole body more.

Lent denies joy to gain insight: unbinding my waist band gives joy using what I have always known – it’s easy to eat too much and move too little. But sometimes old methods have new meanings.

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