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Oak Hill Road Construction Photos, October 2014

October 8, 2014
by Allan Shope

This is the fourth set of construction photos for the house on Oak Hill Road in Livingston, NY.

  This summer we adjusted our construction schedule and slowed the house down in order to build simultaneously a barn that will contain a woodshop, an architectural studio, and falconry facilities.  The barn will be completed in the spring.  The house exterior and landscape are finished.  Remaining interior work includes installing appliances and finishes in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Some of the final touches involve complex metal work, which we hope to complete by Thanksgiving.

  The metal we are employing comes from salvaged brass screen frames from the windows of a defunct institution.  This recycled metal offers a number of advantages.  It reduces the house’s carbon footprint because the longevity of metal lowers the energy required for maintenance, and because using recycled materials decreases the embodied energy requirements for construction.  In addition, the weathered metal’s rich patina of colors and textures gives character and beauty that new materials can’t match.

We will share construction photos of the kitchen and barn in the next couple of months.  Hope you are enjoying the fall leaves!

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dp3 dp4dp5 dp6
dp7 dp8

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