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HOME is….?

October 19, 2014

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WPKN 89.5FM,


Where Is Your Home? Is it Sweet? Where the Heart is? Can you go Home Again?

Duo Dickinson talks to 3 people who are fully immersed in homes – architect, artist and patron – homeowners, home creators all:

Jonathan Weinberg is an artist, art critic, professor and, with husband Nick Boshnack lives in a classic Wooster Square antique where he has just created an attic studio and regularly mounts small exhibits

Before Tracey Scheer became the Board President of the New Haven Symphony, she and entrepreneur husband David dedicated several years to creating a home with architect Tom Edwards in the process they became great friends.

Wil Armster has been an architect for almost 50 years: his work has won any number of awards, but more importantly his 4 children have all used him to design their homes: – houses that the entire family helped build for each other.

These three home devotees will tell their stories and listeners will call 203-336-9756  and contribute to the mix as well!

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