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February 1, 2015

Humans have become the dominant species on this orb because “enough” is very often inadequate.

We live over twice as many years as we did in the 19th century. We now think 12 years of schooling is absurdly undereducated where once an 8th grade education was reasonable preparation for life. Any number of Kings, Fuhrers and Imams think the the land they control is not commensurate with what they think they deserve.

The familiar is held in contempt, more is more, and aspiration is hard wired into out brain.

The most insignificant aspect of our humanity may be how we pass time beyond simple survival. Whether its the clothes we choose to wear, the music we listen to or TV shows we watch our increased life spans create a lifestyle that goes beyond subsistence that allows the incidental to become way too important.

Football is just another construct for humans to express themselves physically, like dancing. It’s rules and strategies can become bizarrely inscrutable, even to those who enjoy it.

But once a year that simple game builds into a frenzy that has nothing to do with the game itself. Like invading a neighboring country or spending a lifetime making a better mousetrap, humans have taken something as simple as a child’s game, football, and made it “SUPER”. In order to make money, people need to be convinced in the value of something to buy into, so an instinctive overreach into SUPER becomes the object of hype and distortion.

For the young men who actually play football, the act is its own reward, the bliss of kicking themselves into a high risk mechanism of expression is worth the unending effort, pain and often failure involved in intense dedication.

But that simple human desire for dominance has another side, the SUPER side. SUPER means our houses are over twice as big as they were two generations ago, even though there are fewer humans in each one. We are offered way too much food for sustenance and grow SUPER sized as a society. We enjoy TV enough that following a trite plot line becomes binge watching.

When profit combines with the SUPER imperative things explode into ridiculous overhype. The joy and effort of 100 men becomes an extreme event, where the reality of the lives of those who we focus upon, the embodiment of our own fantasies and hopes is completely irrelevant to the juggernaut of profit mongering that is the SUPER Bowl.

Like obsessing over the beauty we can never manifest, the music we are unable to perform or the mission that slips through our hands, we glom onto the SUPER as a way to transcend what is decidedly not super in our own lives.

Unfashionable as it may be, football has a resonance that certain humans find so compelling they risk everything to be part of it, then to be good at it and in the end manifest the genetic compulsion to be SUPER at it. That intensity of devotion, that full-on commitment, often beyond reason has a tiny bit of a tiny bit of its realization on Super Sunday.

A group of humans who put their bodies where their lives’ focus is have found themselves before hundreds of millions of eyes: a live fantasy of reality, a SUPER projection of the most basic desire that has made our species take over a planet.

Earning a living becomes making hundreds of millions of dollars, playing a game becomes a completely overwhelming life mission, and we are the validators of both SUPER foci.

As with eating way too much, watching every episode of “Breaking Bad” in a weekend, or suspending our lives as an entire culture for 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon is just the explosive manifestation of our common aspirational OCD writ large.

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