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Living In The Tiny House Movement

February 21, 2015

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This week in Home Page, Binnie Klein and Duo Dickinson dive into The Tiny House Movement. The Tiny House Movement is not a niche – although it celebrates them. If homes mirror values then many of us feel alienated by the values of the Default Home of the American Dream: a too big, too dumb, too impersonal box on a cul de sac of futility and waste.

In extreme response to suburban glut a growing number of homeowners have opted to find the other end of the spectrum. Like Henry David Thoreau, we want a place that fits snugly and contours to our values. Control seems elusive in a recession and a world gone mad with extremism – but creating and living in a Tiny House makes some feel they are conquering an impersonal world, one home at a time.

Binnie and Duo’s guest this week is Marianne Cusato a leading advocate for Tiny Houses as an option in the housing market. Cusato the designer of Cusato is the designer of the 308 s.f. Katrina Cottage design which won the Smithsonian Institute’s 2006 “People’s Design Award.” Cusato is the author of “The Just Right Home: Buying, Renting, Moving…or Just Dreaming–Find Your Perfect Match.”

Tiny Homes: perfect response to a world gone mad or self-indulgent fantasy piece? Home looks at the movement’s past, present and future – JOIN US!

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