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March 20, 2015


The Xerox is blind.

Hearing is not listening. Because we watch, it does not mean we understand.

The Equinox, today, is The First Day of Spring. This First Day of Spring we shall have 5 inches of snow in my part of the planet.

In the necessity to make science more than Reality TV, “Global Warming” which may indeed be happening, no matter what the cause, had to get a PR reboot to “Climate Change”, because some places are sometimes not always warmer, and humans only live in one place at a time, and the Internet can only show weather, not make a microclimate around you.

So we feel what we feel, suspend understanding and have winter on the first day of spring: warming? I think not. In California they have no water, in Greenland, its becoming green again, but it is most certainly not spring, yet, here.

But we still call the day of equal measures day and night spring and the longest day summer, the other equal day fall and the shortest day winter. Why?

Because we do not know enough.

The last few centuries have got a lot of measureables measured, data engorges computing devices to the point where the only mysteries left are the important ones.

The Druids knew all the basics we know a bunch of thousands of years ago: longest, shortest, equal. We now know the 3D truths and distances, velocities, vectors, and forces.

We just do not know how or why. Even, really, about what we did ourselves: Stonehenge itself.

97% of what makes everything in the universe is “Dark” – it is literally infinite thesis fodder without understanding.

We know so much, see so much, listen so hard, try like a mother with all our heart, mind, and soul, and yet all we have really gained are better and better Stonehenges, where today, the sun shone between 2 stones and hit another, as it has since it was built for people that are so long dead we have almost no idea about why they thought a NASA program in cleft stone was a good idea.

Its good to know things, its better to understand them.

Lent is good for that.

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