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Lent: Check Engine Lite

March 28, 2015

checkengineday 38


Forewarned is not forgone.

I drive cars until they stop working. There are no Vanity Upgrades. 100,000’s are common on the odometer.

In the last generation virtually all of the cars I drive have had the little side view of an engine emerge from the dashboard blackness.

“CHECK ENGINE” is the decoded meaning.

The first time I saw it, I pulled over fearing instant car fire and death: and the decoding Car Manual said “SEE YOUR MECHANIC”, I did immediately and the $267 was duly spent for a new catalytic converter, no questions asked.

But my mental and financial state benefitted from the non-manual knowledge I have gleaned since that first panic response.

“Reset your gas cap.” Does work sometimes.

“If your car is not “running rough” wait till it is.” Was music to my ears.

All these pearls of wisdom came from the mechanics who would have benefitted from the $267 money injection into their business, but know that credibility makes more money, ultimately, than a quick sale.

There are other “Check Engine” lights. The additional 1/2 of myself I ate into being was a very bright light – and altho there is still a faint glow, the daily workouts have ended my “running rough”.

But the stupid words, anger, sadness or nightmares I inveigh on myself and others should tell me to check my engine. By then things are evidencing themselves that were always there, in everyone, and I long for the “wait until its running rough” advice.

Sometimes I can deflect and defer, but mostly the light burns bright for a reason, that I cannot drive through.

I cannot build and install a catalytic converter, nor can I understand the reasons or even the outcomes when I am “running rough” unless I am willing to see the light first.

That glowing orange little engine showed up on my dashboard last month: it comes and goes, the gas cap is reinserted, but the roughness has not required service yet. This time.

But I do need to get a colonoscopy, or so my wife tells me.

Lent will not help that. If you want to see the other 37 parts of this stream click here:

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  1. Joseph Dzeda permalink
    March 28, 2015 7:16 am

    Always enjoy your words, Dude!




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