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April 23, 2015

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Homes are not libraries, gone are dictionaries and encyclopedias from the den- front and center is the family computer, and in each of our hands a device or two. So books in our homes are now more about reflecting who we are and what we value to ourselves and to our visitors: Books we have read and slipped into a bookcase for safe keeping are totems, relics and artifacts. The books we lay next to our beds, our toilets and most comfy place to sit are as near as the food at the dinner table. The books we hold in our hands as we read them are as alive as anything in our lives. So books are both alive in the present, there for the future, but embody and encapsulate a history – the very personal intimate history everyone has with the books they have read – whether its your Chem 201 textbook, Wuthering Heights or a murder mystery read on a vacation.

Books are not simple objects with one obvious use, just like our homes. Homes are not warehouses for our bodies, they are not big umbrellas, or blankets – homes (and places like the Institute Library) are mirrors of our values: places where past, present and hope come together to reflect where we are from, where we are, and where we want to go.



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