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HOME PAGE: The “Colonial” Default Setting

July 23, 2015

home page

An hour spent in meander: “style” & home. Neighborhoods & Pizza, Wonderbread or Pepperidge Farm White: imponderables that make HOME PAGE the best radio on domestic relations found anywhere:


Here in New England, but surprising in many other locales, “Home” equals “Colonial” in the consciousness of many, if not most, homebuyers. “Cape”, “Centerhall”, “Garrison” -the subspecies spiral out, but since World War 2 thousands of acres have been plowed under, “Colonial” seeds planted and there are bumper crops are everywhere – “Colonial” has been commodified, and thus, so has history.

Binnie & Duo discuss the state of hegemonic “Colonial” invasive species in the housing market, and welcome architectural designer, historian and Taste of New Haven Tour Guide Colin Caplan – – whose years of thinking and writing about New Haven’s neighborhoods gives him a unique perspective.

Why do we think of “home” as that white picket fence in front of a white facade with a centered door facing the street? Or is that definition changing to an apartment above a really cool cafe? And who was Royal Barry Wills anyway?

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