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BABY, IT’S HOT OUTSIDE: temp & homes

August 24, 2015

home page


Home Page takes the temperature of how we get all hot & bothered in and about our homes. Binnie Klein and Duo Dickinson have two guests that give you a clue about how summer swelter can be abated within your home’s walls. First, Blair Richardson comes to Home Page Radio. Blair Richardson is currently a mechanical engineer focusing on heating, air conditioning, and energy efficiency for commercial and residential projects. He is the chair person for the Young Engineers in ASHRAE, a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, and a registered professional engineer.

Second, Home Page may have a special guest: weather guy FOX CT TV’s Matt Scott may jump in (unless the news Gods intervene and he is on a breaking story) for a quick report on how weather patterns have changed and might change, and what hear may be part of our domestic life in the coming years.

The discussion will focus on climate change and home AC design needs. Is it, in fact, getting hotter? How has engineering adapted to a warmer climate? What are some innovations that consumers can use?

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