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AGING…in place.

October 20, 2015

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Hopefully, we will all have a chance to age. Hoping on hope, its a gift to age gracefully. 90% of Americans want to age at home, “in place”. Home is our harbor, our safe house, refuge and recharging station: this becomes critical as our bodies begin to betray our internal perception that we are ever young.

How do our homes adapt to a model of safety, ease of operation and maintain a pride of place? How do the huge numbers of “spry elderly” (AKA Baby Boomers) deal with their 30,000,000 existing places to live, now that they look into a glass, darkly?

Binnie and Duo were joined by Leigh Gallagher, an Assistant Managing Editor at Fortune magazine, where she edits feature stories on a variety of subjects, oversees Fortune franchises including the magazine’s 40 Under 40 rankings and writes The Urbanist column on Duo and Leigh sat on a panel for HomeAdviser last Friday that dissected growing older at home, and the insights were at once clear and challenging.

Are YOU planning on staying put? Or are you opting to reinvent your life in new accommodations? LISTEN

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