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Guest Post from Hannah West, Storage and the Tiny House: Antithetical?

November 14, 2015

In 150 to 500 square feet of living space, where in the world do tiny house dwellers store their stuff? Of course, paring down is a prerequisite of the tiny house lifestyle. But no one, not even the least sentimental person in the world, could give everything away.

While you may think that “tiny house” and “storage” are two words that couldn’t fit together unless you were using a tiny house as a storage shed, at Modernize, we’ve discovered some clever solutions incorporated into tiny homes. The trick to tiny home storage is to create a second or third use for almost every piece or area in the home. Here are a few examples of double duty components in a tiny house:

Stair Storage


Via DIY House Building

Via iDesignArch

Many tiny houses use ladders, but that’s not practical for every tiny home dweller. If you’re intent on including some type of staircase, don’t waste the abundant space beneath them. Build drawers or open storage compartments into your stairs to store items like books, clothes, or even pots and pans. If you’re really savvy, you may even be able to fit a little bathroom under your staircase.

Subfloor Storage


Via Living Big in a Tiny House

Via Tiny House Talk

Lofts are the perfect use of vertical space in a tiny home. In fact, there are plenty of tiny house designs that use one side as the master bedroom and the other as a guest space, kids’ room, tiny office, or sitting area. Subfloor storage in these spaces is often a must-have element of a functional tiny house, offering much needed room for shoes, clothes, and even vanity mirrors.

Couch Storage



The biggest space hoggers are the best candidates for double use. Few items take up more space than a couch–which means few items can offer this boundless storage space. You can build drawers into the base of your couch or have storage compartments completely hidden underneath the cushions. You can even include a rolling hideaway bed. Just make sure you and your guests can still sit comfortably when all is said and stored.


Versatile Counter Space

Via Good Housekeeping

In tiny houses, the kitchen is the area that requires the most creativity. Between the fridge, oven, stove, and pot and pan storage, the square feet get nabbed pretty quickly. Slide out cutting boards, fold-down tables, and customized cutting boards that fit over the sink and stove are great ways to enhance counter space. Don’t forget about your vertical kitchen storage: your fold-down table doesn’t have to take up space of its own on the wall if it folds up against built-in shelves.

Hanging and Shelf Storage


Via Country Living

Taking advantage of vertical space is essential. Thankfully, wall storage can be as decorative as it is handy. Use hooks to hang pots and pans, shelves to store mugs and plates, and hanging baskets for utensils. You can also use this trick in the bathroom by hanging baskets and jars to store toiletries and towels. There’s really no such thing as getting too creative when it comes to tiny house storage.

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