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THE BOOK: A Home Called New England

February 25, 2016

published November 15!!!! by Globe Pequot Presscover


This book attempts to provide a window into what New England was, and is. It’s a unique part of America in every way uniqueness can be measured: topography, weather, architecture, economy, but in greatest measure, history. New England’s pungent idiosyncrasy begged for an overview – but not another guidebook, historic timeline or coffee table art piece of fall foliage.

This book is not a “best-of “ analytic encyclopedia. It is not a comprehensive compendium of the historic, cultural or human forces that forged and evolved a corner of the United States. We are not historians or sociologists: we are lovers of a place we have lived and worked and raised our families in who have written and produced books on houses, people and places: and this book is the perfect evolution of our combined skill sets.

This book is a series of vignettes: the homes that have harbored the families and farms and businesses that made the term “Yankee” so descriptive to anyone but a New Englander. It also focuses on the people that combined with a landscape to create rigorous engines of innovation in a place that is singularly faith based. All of them are profiled as exemplars, not as All Stars.

“A Home Called New England” captures the qualities that reflect, and then shape, its people, its places and professions – it is not intended to be comprehensive or ascribe status: in fact, the opposite: we hope this book teases out a curiosity to discover the rest of this place we could not convey in a book of this size or scope.

Steve Culpepper
Duo Dickinson

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