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Making Home

June 30, 2016


There are Well over 100,000,000 households in the United States – and every one of them has a place they call “home.”

Over 70,000,000 of them are owned, the rest rented or shared, and 500,000 new ones are built every year. Being an architect I focus on the built environment – how families can physically create a place for themselves. But having done that about 500 times in 35 years, I know that its the motives that make a home, not the means.

Ask my sons about their home and they will cite the smell of dinner or the Christmas tree – not the Record House, Met Home and Fine Homebuilding place we built for our family.

Duo Home Ext_002

My mother was a decorator and spent endless hours making this place


But its not what I think of when I harken back to home: its coming in from raking leaves for “melted cheese” on toast and Campbell’s Tomato Soup – made with milk!

Home is not what we, or Martha Stewart, or HGTV, or Dwell Magazine   think it should be. Its not what HOUZZ floods onto our screens, or IKEA markets or even what Garrison Keillor described on “Prairie Home Companion” – its not even the home in the Brady Bunch. Home is what we love where we live.

It is what we love where we live. Some of us obsess about making it as perfect a reflection of what we value and love as we can – others simply find a place and make it theirs.

Whether you spent millions of dollars or thousands of hours making a home, if the effort is not about you and your family, but about trying to define how others perceive you, you have just made a domestic resume – a job application for the world to hire you as a legitimate home maker – but you have not made a home.

Homes are made by the love or sadness, the passions and pastimes, the objects and food we love, – but mostly – mostly – by the the life we share within the 4 walls that protect and reflect us.

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  1. Larry Roadman permalink
    June 30, 2016 12:12 pm

    I am thankful that there is not a “Like” button to hit after reading your words on “home”. I want to hit the “thanks” button, to you, for writing and publishing this piece. And for being such a part of creating the space where Betsy and I, and hopefully others, experience those “thin spaces” of home.
    P.S. And thanks for including the so you picture!


  1. Welcome to Saved by Design | Saved By Design

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