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Money & Houses

July 27, 2016


If you own one, houses are our greatest asset and most terrifying debt. Homes are a place where money creates great pride, and a potential money pit repairs create great fear. Some of use want to take others’ desperate desire for ownership and “flip” prettied-up homes into profitability for the flipper.

Joining Duo was Amy Stefanowski was one of the founders of Sound Homes – an ethical “flipping” Company, Istvan B’Racz, PKN host, musician and House Victim, and Joanne Johansen of the Mortgage Assistance Company LLC who knows about the sources and opportunities to monetize in a tough economy.

This week’s HOME PAGE: Money & Houses – the dance between greed and sacrifice, irrational exuberance and courageous risk-taking: the American Dream and the last 8 years’ Economic Nightmare: we will have homeowners who have lived the dream, experienced the nightmare, endeavored to flip, rent, invest and not go broke:


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