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September 18, 2016



The Great American Dream of Home Ownership is Changing: Rental housing is becoming a dominant force in many urban communities as it always has been in large cities: The reasons are many and growing: economic uncertainty, love of urban living, sustainability, location and freedom from responsibility. AND there is a unique double convergence of empty nesters and their children, the millenials. Join Duo Dickinson to explore the general and specific realities that make renting a growing trend for America’s housing consumers.

The influx of a dozen or more market rate rental projects in New Haven is dramatically changing its housing outlook. This trend in New Haven has been spurred on by 2 developers represented on the show – PIKE International and Becker + Becker.

We had guests that see the rental market from three distinct perspectives: Anita Buckmaster will be in studio with Duo is an ardent Historic Preservationist who has been a lifelong renter with her growing family. Bruce Becker, AIA, is an architect and president of Becker + Becker, based in Fairfield, Connecticut. Becker changed the New Haven housing market by winning the competition to design a multipurpose project on the corner of Chapel & State Street in New Haven 360 State almost a decade ago. Fernando Pastor was a designer for Cesar Pelli and Barry Svigals. Pastor has his owned practice and has executed many of Pike International’s signature projects: describe the projects and the history and mission of Pike International as well has his independent practice that centers on renovation and housing.

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