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Hungry & Fat

October 22, 2016

Life is not fair.

Life is a miracle.

But the miracle has a price tag. That cost is accepting the randomness of its inscrutable mysteries until science finds reasons for the arbitrary consequences of being alive. Some humans are happy binge watching “The Walking Dead”, others are left saddened by only getting balcony seats for Hamilton.

Some can eat crap and engage in bad behavior and live into their 90’s, and babies die for no defined reason – “failure to thrive”. Some folk have wonderful families, others do not, and still others wreck their families while others thrive in toxicity.

Nurture can train us for the game, but nature sets the rules for play. For the fat, most of us are not guilty gluttons, feasting after midnite before the refrigerator light. Most of us just have the extra cookies, the french fries or the 3rd drink when our body’s calorie burn rate is so low that those 100’s of calorie indiscretions lard us up.

Exercise helps, but it also adds to the great irony of all we fat folk: almost all of us eat when we are hungry, and mostly only when we are hungry (and exercise makes us hungry as we burn the calories we end up seeking) The irony of we fat being hungry is undeniable: especially at middle age, when the calories needed to stay fat drop down to a trickle. Yes, when you eat matters, early is better. What you eat matters, carbs are evil. But even following all rules, you can be very very fat and be legitimately very, very hungry.

Once food is metabolized its out of the thing that creates hunger: the empty belly. But I have never met a fat person (myself included) who “forgot” to eat. But I do not eat meals by rote. If I am not hungry I do not start eating. However once started, eating often continues beyond the number of calories required to simply maintain life.

The other irony is that the food we are hard wired to love: fats, sugars & lower level carbs are the smart bombs of fat production. A few heads of unbuttered broccoli never caused overeating, unlike just one piece of bacon (like the drink for the alcoholic, one is too many and six aren’t enough).

So when you see a fatty feasting, know the only thing causing the gobbling is an empty belly – the previous meals that metabolized so long ago are inaccessible to that belly. That is a stark injustice. We ate the food that made us fat to satisfy hunger, why can’t what we have already eaten have some impact on the physical desire to eat?

The reason the fat get hungry is the same reason I am not the starting inside linebacker for the New York Giants: Life Is Not Fair (or at least life is blissfully ignorant of anyone’s desires).




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