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October 23, 2016



Everyone lives somewhere. Everyone is in a place they have feelings about: their home. Love. Hate. Hope. Fear. Our homes should be a point a pride, but many people feel let down about where they live, especially in a down economic time, where there are fewer choices. Some homes are so dysfunctional that they become a symbol of failure and impotence – the place that should be safe harbor can become an ongoing struggle to pay for, keep together or ultimately have any control over.

Into this place of dream homes and nightmares, architects have stepped into the fantasies, missed opportunities, and aspirations of those desperately seeking their place to call home – not just as designers, but as writers: offering up their work, and others’, in books that help demystify, inspire and offer a depth of insight no HOUZZ webpage can hope to provide. In studio for this show was Peter Chapman, Executive Editor at Taunton Press. Peter has been my editor for 2 books, and has been the editor for uncounted books on homes, home design and the techniques of building homes. He was also the editor of books on homes written by the two architects who are guests on the show.

Dale Mulfinger is the founding partner at SALA Architects in Minneapolis, Minnesota – since 1983 the firm has created award-winning projects, mostly homes, but Dale has produced remarkable best-selling books on Cabins as homes and local legendary architect Edwin Lundie.

Jeremiah Eck is the founding Principle of Eck MacNeeley Architects from Boston. Jeremiah has lectured extensively on home design at the Harvard GSD summer program and his books on architecture are both beautiful and touchstones for architects and homeowners.

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