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Neither Time

March 9, 2017


“BC” – Before Children – I would hop out of bed, shower and get into the office by 7:30 every morning, or earlier. Then, in the parenting years, I got quite fat: so I started to work out. Every morning. Work slipped to 9.

I am less fat, still work out, but the children have vanished into adulthood.

I am neither thin nor quite fat.

I am neither the parent of wee children, nor child-free.

I am neither athlete, nor out of (modestly passable aerobic) shape.

I think most of us are in the neithers.

I am neither a happy assassin of our president (as many of my friends seem to think might be OK) nor do I think tweeting at 3AM is the sign of a healthy mind.

I am neither self righteously out-of-control angry about the obvious injustices all around us, nor do I accept not devoting a fair amount of my office’s time addressing them.

Lent is the Neither Time. Not simply engaged in the day to day of the other 320 days of the year, nor yet being in the Break Time of Easter and Spring.

It’s folly to try to be in Both Time: Trump is either going to make America great again or he is a jackass: not Both. God is either the center of Life and Grace or he simply does not exist: not Both. I can be sorta Fit or Fully Fat, not Both.

Choices are hard, but reality is undeniable.

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