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So Little

March 25, 2017

24 of 40

“Could we, perhaps, in 3 months, take a sample of your blood?”

Of course.

But why?

Having been observed by scores of filmings, pokes, tubes, wires, beeps and “draws” at one of the world’s best collections of these things, as well as over a dozen sets of eyes at every hour of the 24, it appears I am “normal”.

This was unexpected.

Enough change had been randomly imposed on the lower back of my brain that far more incapacity was expected – by every eye. All the poking showed there was no “reason” or typical outcome. For a 61 year old, I am relatively flawless. But my improving balance was all that needed attention. Quite enough, thank you – but less “enough” for them to ask my blood to be part of a study of the inexplibably undamaged.


They do not know. The extraordinarily well informed and clearly presenting Doctor was obvious to the central theme: get everything in a place and condition where it “naturally” fixes itself. She understood they only can do enough prep to allow the completely not understood can happen.

That is plenty, given the unending observation and adaptation. I was a completely honest, tho adamant client: I really wanted out. 2,000 years ago I was in a fetal position, recovering in a cave – and that therapy was still accessible to me.

But it was now: they had to know.

What do they know? A lot and growing fast: but only on that small surface of getting me into the cave, where things they only know the measured outcome of, happen. Outcomes and standards are measured better and more closely that ever. We really do begin to grok little atomic bits and the tiny forces that shape and define them – more and more, every minute. And we can extrapolatate that to more interesting and probable outcomes on a cosmic scale more completely than ever.

They know exactly how and why a specific pen falls to the floor: but no one knows the bigger “Why”, or even much about the biggest “How” of gravity: “What” happened, and will happen, is truly understood – but the “How” cannot not be accessed, and the “Why” remains completely untouched.

Scientists operate surfing on the surface of a bottomless sea. They surf better, know more, do more than ever: but the more they know the more they realize they don’t.

The legitimacy of the cave has been revealed, to both of us. I will relearn balance, they will take my blood in three months.

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  1. Joseph Dzeda permalink
    March 25, 2017 8:04 am

    Hey Dude,

    It seems you are on the mend, but I want to know where you are and how you are.

    Is there anything I can do for you to speed you on your way, help you out, make you laugh or groan, or just be a friend?

    I feel a tad helpless…


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