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March 29, 2017

28 of 40

This week, today, many (one million?) think their fate is revealed. Or made. Or denied.

April 1-ish, “College Admissions” Day.

Subservient Applicants, and their parents, discover the Verdict. On the laptop, phone, pad – a note pops up: “Congratulations!” Or “This was a hard year for decisions at Acme State, unfortunately…”). A door opens or locks tight – a portal that you and your beloved have sat before for months, years…


We know those who sought, cozied up to “The Board” and wheedled The Name of their offspring’s first choice onto his resume. We know a lad desperate to Go! To Yale, found out he was consigned to Williams (he came to see the confusion). Another got in nowhere, after being “Where” acceptances come from (despite behaviors and stats to the contrary).

It is Judgment.

Definitionally it is Unfair. The stats are many, varied. The choosers and choosee’s so human – idiosyncrasies are locked in. Despite all caveats, all Emotional Intelligence, any who have slogged through and hit the beach of college are scarred by the passage – which, thankfully, is over this week.

Unless it isn’t.

I went to a place that prided my “Best” school status passed Admissions Day by deporting over half of its matriculated. It is “Best” until it does not work. Transfers, gap years, quitting all recognize the Truth that this Judgement is just one very important inflection.

Acceptance, Rejection, Elite, Safety are all clarified at this week’s end: but the biggest Truth is that it’s just the largest Sorting Hat yet. All the grades, groups, stats, recommendations are each a Jugdment. They ball together, here, now, for a lot of humans, created and creators – as a mirror that validates or denies.

But it is no Judgment beyond that: it’s a clear inflection.

Lobbying “The Board” helps. Drinking and blowing off classes does not. Doing All The Right Things only qualifies you for a “GO/NO GO Moment.

But on April 2nd, you just understand Inflection better: others, large order measuring systems, you, have seen where you are and have been given you the gist – as requested.

We are all going somewhere, every day. At 61, I received a hard read on my inflection I took in and work with last week. Just like any and every moment here, now. The judgments made or not are completely inscrutable until I get that inflection feedback.

Everyone is judged, every day. What do you do with it?

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