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Time Travel

April 1, 2017

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It’s fashionable to find other dimensions beyond length/width/depth.

Some say that the 4th dimension is time.

If time is a constant, it’s not consistent if you measure, it’s as much for humans by appreciation as by stop watch. I experience some moments: – 45 years ago, the last 2/10ths of a second where I was above ground, horizontal, reaching with one arm, and just grabbed a Limestone, Pa. RB’s ankle as it came back to me, 5 yards before he scored – as if they took many minutes and are happening now.

Each day has hours of decisions, actions and experiences that are seeming fleeting and gone.

Beyond the Bodily reality – the dimensions we operate in – time is the medium everything exists in, now – things do not reply, they do not rewind and skip. There is a clock running. Always.

But I travel today, far away. I listen, and drive back. This travel falls on a progression: 4.5 days horizontal, walking a fair amount, a train to NYC, a drive to Westchester, now New Jersey – all travel in a week: a time.

The escalation is intentional. The progress is real. But I have not changed except in velocity. That speed was halted, and is being reset. Near regular, I now change in travel, in the fourth dimension of time travel.

My finger will be the same length, my house is the same volume, I drive my machine car – but movement, travel, happens.

A friend, whose travel was closing in, his movement more and more constrained, wrote me in his last days: “I see this bird, I see it, and I know it is there, put there, for me to see.” From infancy, to the scores of years moving, back to the static observation, we travel.

Travel is not just distance – it is capacity.

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  1. Joseph Dzeda permalink
    April 1, 2017 7:28 am

    Nice reflections, Dude!

    Having some nineteen clocks of all sorts in my house, I am keenly aware that time is different for different clocks, and perhaps for us as well. They impassively count off the hours, whether or not we like that, and they remind me that everything happens in real time – most of the time!


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