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April 7, 2017

37 of 40

“Good” is, now, passive aggressive.

A week from today, the “Triduum” starts in Christian Land. It used to be a de facto Holiday. It was the only one that memorialized a government-caused execution. Birthdays, Independence, Labor, the End of Warfare, Harvest and other happy circumstances got days off too – but the one inconvenient holiday forced humans to confront humanity.

None others were declared “Good”. In that world, I assume we are supposed to celebrate perspective – what was seemed a wrong, unnecessary, and paranoid execution at the time, was revealed to be “Good” three days later.

Now, supermarkets are open, no business closes, there are some images on social media and “tut-tut’s” or “oh yeah’s” all around. TGIF has 52 weeks of celebration – we do not accept the buzzkill of one Friday’s “Good.”

“Good” is now an insult because it’s accepting, not praising, for most. “Awesome” has no awe, just approval. “Good” is not even “Like” now. “Good” is a diss on Yelp or Houzz or other rating engines.

But this “Good” in one week, sees ahead, while looking in the mirror. That adjective assumes we can be the dumb, angry killers we all can be, seem sentenced to be – and still know that there is a greater reality beyond our humanity – a place where “Good” lives in our rationale for the day-to-day.

It’s easy for me to just kill what is not believed, simply to survive and deal with what I have work with. Promises of getting loved out of fear seem very young for most: and me.

But I know that there is more than my silly travails. Even in cynical working around the things that are not “Good” I know, everyday there is a Greater Good.

I just have to live it.

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