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May 22, 2017

Meaning comes in many forms.

Winning and losing has meaning.

In an era of metrics, ratings have meanings because winning and losing happen faster, more often with more media megaphones. An old white male does bad things with women and “LOSER” happens. Then there’s Bill O’Reilly, then Roger Ailes…

And Leader Trump goes on, O’Reilly is exiled, and Ailes dies. Ailes death even had post mortem articles about his completely irredeemable reality, despite death.

The ratings were bad for them, but their Safe Space, Fox News seems to still be popular, even though they have vanished. But there is collateral reality. It is not necessarily a zero sum game. In the physics of cable TV, MSNBC is the antimatter to the Fox News matter of ratings champ. Usually as strident, as focused, with more interesting screamers, MSNBC is the Alternave Universe of Ailes.

The colisions and human demise of Fox has meant the Holy Grails of MSNBC, the Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe shows are soaring. Ratings ecstasy. They might think that finally more of the tiny percentage of TV watchers who tune in (versus the hugely benign time dump of the non-political fora) see Reality, but popularity is not exclusive.

We all live by ratings. How we are perceived means a lot to us. There are new mirrors: each “Like”, “Share”, or “Hit” is recorded and public. In this world more love from those usually means more money, but assuredly more attention.

But it often does not work, but silently so. No one thought Leader Trump had the ratings to win, he did, and now is the focus with record low ratings…

There are things that, despite the noise, mean more than ratings. The Constitution has been so unpopular that it has had thousands of court cases and dozens of Amendments proving it’s imperfection. But it’s more popular than Fox, MSNBC or Trump. Well at least more powerful.

Despite the noise, the deafening flaming, the quiet truth rises above ratings. Nixon was re-elected with extreme ratings in 1972. But Nixon’s desperation for power was a greater truth than ratings.

The comfort of hearing what agrees with you means Architecture tunes in Modernism, Music listens to Pop, and we eat salty, fatty fare with gusto. Now our Leader reflects the intense anxieties of those so ill-served by the megaphones who presumed him to have the popularity he has now. But at the time of the election, he was more popular – in the right places – than the alternative.

Just like Maddow, today.

Maybe there are more meaningful things than pop music, a Quarter Pounder or Roger Ailes – but it’s hard to know because we the noise of ratings can make us deaf to what ultimately proves to be reality.

And, in truth, reality creates ratings. Hype and new and anger also create ratings, but when time passes, the truth becomes inevitable.

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