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GROWING – at Home

May 23, 2017



Whether inside or out, the outside has come into our lives and where we live.

There are people devoted to growing things: making beauty with plants, landscape, climate and the culture that results becomes rich and rewarding when expertise is part of the garden. This show has 3 extraordinary visionaries of the growing world – their insights enrich any plant choice, garden creation or site perspective.

Balancing weather, sustainability, resilience and the love of growing things can be quite daunting, and these experts have fertilized literally thousands of scenarios for every budget, type of site and client idiosyncrasy – hearing their perspectives and anecdotes can take any planting obsession and add joy to the risk/reward scenario of growing things in New England.

We led off with garden designer Lucy Van Liew who owns her own garden design firm. She has a direct link to English gardens and gardening and in 15 years has become used to marrying gardening aspirations with reality. She divides her time between Connecticut, London and her family home in Essex UK where the lessons are well learned in how gardens develop and change over time. She is a plantaholic who is fascinated by both the history and future of gardens and how they reflect changes in society and technology.

Next was a Landscape Designer, who has had a 30 year career – Anne Christie talked about the New England growing experience, especially in coastal and tough site conditions, and her special perspective on naturalizing and design. Christie trained at Temple University and she had a grandmother who was a landscape architect and a father who was an architect, Anne grew up with a deep appreciation for both. She works on homes, institutions and in full integration wit Sustainability.

Lastly we talked to Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, a passionate garden creator and advocate who created Natureworks Nancy DuBrule-Clemente is the owner of Natureworks Horticultural Services, an organic garden center, landscape design, consultation, installation and maintenance service in Northford, Ct. started in 1983. Nancy has a degree in floriculture from UCONN. She has dedicated her life to the challenge of being fully organic, indigenous and expressive.

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