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OBJECTS (at home)

June 19, 2017



Everyone has objects. Every lives somewhere. Many own their biggest object -their home. But even within the biggest home there are beloved objects. The smallest room, rented, shared, squatted in has “stuff”. There are necessaries clothes, appliances, things to sleep or sit in – but there is “stuff” we love for what it, or they, mean to us.

Why do we love our things?

Our stuff can have a history, we could have built it, or renovated it, or it could just be unbearably cool. But some things we have were lovingly created by someone, and we now have it. This is not decoration, its a love of the essence of some things we own: “Our Stuff” can be deeply meaningful.

Joining us are three people devoted to understanding the value of objects, and defining why they are so important to us:

Joe DeRisi founded Urbanminers a “walk the talk” sustainability juggernaut in Hamden. Joe holds a master’s degree in resource management as well as a certificate in deconstruction, and has worked locally as an environmental analyst, conservationist and former building contractor. DeRisi saves things. Many things – and earns a living recycling them. The Hamden Chamber of Commerce gave him the 2012 Green Business Advocate Award and he was designated as Business New Haven’s Rising Star of 2010.

Kerry Triffin helped create one of the great object celebration centers in the world Fairhaven Furniture (in Fairhaven in New Haven) and loves wood (his very first job was working as a climber for Walgren Tree Experts right here in New Haven.) Triffin went to Yale University where he degreed in English literature and business administration. Kerry is also obsessed with objects and believes that what you surround yourself with in your native habitat reveals what you love.

Turner Brooks teaches architecture at Yale and practices architecture in New Haven. His work has been celebrated by Princeton Architectural Press, Architectural Record “Record Houses” His firm designed Yale’s Gilder Boat House and a terrific social center at the Cold Spring School in New Haven. In 1984 Turner was awarded the Mid-Career Rome Prize and in the spring of 2015, Turner was awarded the Sidonie Mishkimin Clauss ’75 Prize for Teaching in the Humanities.

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