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Disappointment In The Bubble Bath

June 30, 2017


I woke up to be disappointed by the Yankees losing 4-3 in Chicago last night. I was disappointed because I had expectations for a team I like listening to on the radio. I thought they would capitalize on a 1-0 lead when I turned the radio off at 11:10.

I also woke up to disappointed dungeon at Leader Trump’s latest Tweet. I did not say President, and I did not say attack, because well, for the next few years, we have Donald Trump’s Tweets meaning far more than they actually are because he was elected.

I have been at a few bars. When a drunk says some blather, I smile and sip my own. He is drunk. It’s a bar. Clearly Leader Trump is drunk without ever having a drink – drunk on an image of himself.

The disappointment of so many in his unconsidered spew assumes that there is some existing condition or expectation that has not been changed, that has been violated, that “is just too much.” Really? We had a full year and a half of uncontrolled, unpostured raw spew of self-serving, nonsensical bar-blather in a full-on presidential race. Before that a full 30 years of national media exposure of the shallow, posturing, meaningless knee-jerk verbal junk food was just the reality of Trump’s presence.

He has always been the definitive “Vulgarian.”

It’s probably what got him elected. Leader Trump is just doing exactly what any reasonable expectation of him would have him do: spew.

There are things to be disappointed about (The Yankees are now in second place) – but Trump is not one of them. Anger, sure, but not outrage. Are you outraged when a drunk insults your parent? Are you outraged when a youth sports non-athlete child plays like he or she always has played?

Outrage, for me was the nomination. Enough folk actually wanted this result that I do not think they are disappointed or outraged either. The presidential election was an amazing reaffirmation of our very, very low expectations. That is what I am disappointed in – not Trump.

He has been the same odd combination of arrogant blather and megalomania for 2 generations – he has not “gone too far” because he was always absurd.

As expected, a mess is being made. That is bad. But this mess only happened because of the decade-long mess of economics, media, politics and loss of any faith in anything beyond those bubbles that water-birthed Leader Trump.

Of course media blows the bubble up to get ratings to get money. Of course political parties live in their bibles to defend and defeat so they can get power. Of course many are swept away by both to be outraged and surprised by each natural result of electing who was elected.

There is no magic. The “perfect college” that your kid got into is not Harvard. The bad note in a performance is not commentary on the piece, but the player. When you suck at a sport and you miss the tackle or drop the ball it’s fulfilling your reality: unless you change your reality.

The perfect combination of viscous media, frothing politics and heating waters of a bad economy have made a raging Bubble Bath. The bubbles of the outraged are getting bigger and the sloshing louder. But the plug will be pulled. Either things get better and this four years gets filed, or things get worse and power goes elsewhere. Not because of anger, but because of realities.

Faith, for me, is that change is possible. Some change is not possible. For him and all those who had faith in our Leader, he has not changed. There were 4 elections this spring and there was insufficient change to discourage any aspect of any Tweet.

I have deep, abiding faith in our Constitution. One Bubble in our bath thought by now that there would a closed border, a new free-market Health Care program, a new tax code, and really cool State Dinners by now. Others thought there would already been an impeachment, or an indictment, or at least a magic morph to presidency from being Leader.

Those expectations popped. But the bubbles are still full and exclusive of the truth that makes them impossible.

There will be a game tonight for the Yankees. There will be another president. I know these truths not because I am in a bubble, but because of the hundreds of years of history behind both.

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  1. Rowena permalink
    July 27, 2017 9:57 am

    Thanks for the reminder, Duo!


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