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July 9, 2017


Maybe its because my mother went to her grave at 4 score and more years ago with dark brown hair self-applied with Alberto VO5 and a plastic bag – all smelling of a lab – but I do not get the attention paid to hair.

I am 61: my hair is leaving the top of my head – flying off into my comb, but my eyebrows, ears and nose are rampaging in unabated hair explosion.
(not me above) But there is a huge money and time dump being spent by so many people that I completely do not grok, that it is clear I am quite tone deaf.

Others have the same relocated hair and heavily manage it with shaving

Or others have their hair turn gray (as I presume my mother did) and dye it
or worse “Hair in a Can” or fake hair, or surgically relocated folicles, or baseball hats.


Others (mostly male, but I make no assumptions) take enormous pride in having carefully sculpted beards – “hipster” beards –

But lately, the arbitrary, often DIY primary color hair coloring on usually normally frumpy unhip humans is virtual self mockery

All of these flailing efforts are the extreme manifestations of our entire culture somehow buying into the idea that hair is either an opportunity for self expression, or experimentation, or fixing a flaw: Its like a huge social tattoo that can be removed.

I cannot see how time can be thwarted, how I cannot be as lame as I am, how a “Look” makes me into a different person. If I am right the zillions of hours and dollars spent are just another backstroke against tides of inevitabilities that all of us feel compelled to do.

Cutting, coloring, shaving, sculpting is at best temporary, and looks infinitely worse without even more hours and dollars dumped into upkeep.

This stuff grows.

I know because I have to cut my nose hairs when I sense I am distracting people, but who is fooling who?


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