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July 27, 2017

It has been 4 months. I offered the situation to no one, but I wrote about it – twice, including a national venue. Please forgive a Thrombus coda, but a handful might appreciate it.

People are still surprised when it naturally comes up in conversation. I spent 100 hours at Yale New Haven Hospital at the Spring Equinox. I was given feedback at a level that could not have been more direct or deep. Thousands of images of a blown artery, flawed since birth, unknown till blown, and about as many tests revealed a high blood pressure, and that I was a bit fatter that I should be.

Having lost 1/3 of myself 10 years ago, about 1/3 of that crept back on – at the extra Milano-a-day rate. I stopped eating those long ago, but I now ended Triscuits, cheese, dessert, lunch, milk, and other things, and upped the exercise to get the blood pressure down via body mass loss and greater efficacy in moving blood.

I failed.

Even though I lost a couple of stone, and have another couple to go, worked out that extra half hour a day, for an extra day a week to almost every day, I now take a pressure-limiting drug. So at 122/65 pressure and 55 heart beat I am acceptably drugged (with a statin and a teeny aspirin).

I know this only because a month ago I went to the 3 month follow up for another 40 minutes of testing by a neurologist. Dozens of complex body-eye-hand regimes, all measuring my ability to track something with my eyes and balance – revealing any ways my thrombic break might have caused an impact.

“astonishing..” He said during one exam.

“Is something wrong?” I dead-panned – he responded “No your response is exceptional, especially at your age.”

He then launched into finding out why I was “astonishing.” It came down to my daily torture on machines in my barn for about 90 minutes. Every day.

“So you worked out since the event?”

“Before too”

“How long?”

“For 15 years.”

“You inoculated yourself!” Blurted the doctor. I then was scheduled for an MRA (too much radiation given to me in the 100 hours post event stay to have another radiological measure).

That viewing, apparently, has revealed nothing as I have heard nothing in 2 weeks since the screaming tube scan 30 minutes – including looking at my neck.

I feel fine but aware that I only remain fine at the will of a greater wheel that I cannot control or understand.

So I work out and take pills. And eat one 1,500 calorie dinner a day.

It’s training camp, again.

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  1. Alix Boyle permalink
    August 1, 2017 10:59 am

    I envy your self-discipline!


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