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House Money

February 19, 2018


PODCAST, listen!

What is more basic than paying for where you live? Why are we so threatened? Why do we feel so bold? Why can’t we treat our homes like we do our cars: as basic purchases or monthly obligations? Our homes become an extension of ourselves: and money is the medium: let’s try to understand why we care so much and what the risks and rewards are.

Homes & Money: houses are often our largest asset, and the biggest cost for almost every one. We all live somewhere. The common perception of the American Dream included living in a free-standing house on your own land – a very expensive thing and it was a tradition for nearly 3 centuries. Even when it comes to renting, most domestic budgets spend the greatest amount on paying for the place you live.

Whether it’s building one, maintaining one, fixing one, adding onto one, or renting one the liabilities of paying for where we live are extreme. The home price/cost is lower here than some other places, it is high enough in the last few years that “flipping” is back on the front burner for entrepreneurs and cable TV home shows.

What costs what? How are costs determined? Who is making the money? How do we lose our money? Risks and rewards are everywhere all the time: and Home Page ways in on it: In studio we have Ron Avidan of Avidan Construction Management, in Stamford – a young company of 13 years in a brutally competitive custom home marketplace Ron is building a home for Duo Dickinson’s clients as we broadcast this show, and the knowledge will benefit everyone thinking about money and home.


Also in studio is Todd Gould, Realtor as been at the enter of the changing home market for 40 years,  Earning his sales license in 1978 and broker license three years later, Todd took over the Gould Agency, started in 1934 by his grandfather, from his father, making substantial strides as the company’s broker/manager for the next 27 years. His family’s real estate office merged with William Pitt Sotheby’s International in 2007. Duo designed Todd’s house almost 15 years ago and has been on the homeowner side of the home creation process.

Gould M.H.Ext2 [1600x1200]

On the phone is Bruce Becker, architect, developer, and city creation investor – and founder of Becker + Becker architects has created multiple rental properties – in New York City, New Haven and Hartford, Becker has both discerned cost, applied equity, designed architecture and then brokered the product to homeowners fro the advent of the 21st century. Yale trained and a Connecticut resident his insights and experience will give a full perspective in a complicated market.


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