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Raptor & Redemption

March 25, 2018


No, that’s not a Raptor up there, it’s a veggie-chomping Bronto-something. But that is Jesus. From somewhere.

But there is a “Jesus As Raptor” thing. Dino-heads on Jesus bodies, posters declaring the dynamic relationship between Jesus and Dinosaurs, even costumes. Some F-bombs, a few popular culture meme manipulations. It’s a thing.

I discovered it confronting Palm Sunday. Today.

The arcania of ancient anything becomes mainstream focus because there isn’t much else. The fully postured grabbing at Old Testament connections in real time then, with now time musings, is such a focus that alternative realities like “Jesus was a Raptor” have extreme, instant, life.

Deeply pious religiosity is a baby seal easily clubbed by those who want God out of any aspect of their lives, if it even exists. So wild humor, profane images, mocking manipulations are pretty funny.

Because we take ourselves too seriously.

Either we see validation in antiquities that have so much backup vaporized by time, or we take truthes of undeniable Faith and joke them to insignificance. All to make us feel OK with, really, not knowing.

I do not know if, or why, or what, it meant that someone rode an ass into a city and folk were so into him they laid down palms for that donkey to walk upon.

It could have been one or a few, or thousands. It could have been staged, or completely spontaneous. It is a really long time ago.

But it does not matter.

Because what did matter was pretty grim. And repeated often back then. Hundreds of “Messiahs” were out there – history has those noted. Thousands were crucified for any reason that fit some kind of Terror Regime to control a captured population.

Nothing to see here, move along.

But one, just one, made some, not many, totally freak out.

It was not just another “savior”, just the latest “Lord of the Flies” Dominance Death by an invader, or, maybe a threat.

Something Happened.

Enough saw and went nuts and others got it. And were now targets too.

No Amway scheme, no heroism of political empowerment, not even 50 virgins to die to. It was a singularity amid danger, death and wildly pompous posturing by established religions, leaders, groups at a nasty time.

It was so complex, so long ago, that it might as well as involved dinosaurs. Why not.

Sure. And that guy riding a donkey into town getting big ups and props and living large, because He Was The Man. Sure. Good.

But to me all this does not matter.

What went down in the next week was not retroactively registered to some sacred script. It was nasty. Gratuitous violence. Hate for no reason beyond fear. Unknowable ins-and-outs. And real danger. All the time.

And the guy was, like a lot of other guys, publicly killed. For no good reason. Just like many, many others.

But something happened. Unlike “Jesus As Raptor” we did not make this up. It was not funny. If it was just another guy it was still the worst part of each of us. Humor and violence are the easy answers to what we fear. Even in Lent.

The fact we do not have to fear is terrifying. At least it is to me.

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