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March 26, 2018

It is late March. Easter is, without irony, on April Fool’s Day.

And there is a deep frost on our salt marsh.

And things are sprouting.

Are plants subjected to the universal transformative power of the Ressurection? Popping up from a winter’s death despite no thermal facilitation? No. Maybe. I don’t know…

A three-drink discussion ensued this weekend with a physicist. I noted I have never gotten any sense anyone knew anything about the “how’s” of gravity, and it’s fundamental singularity in causing all energy, everywhere.

“That’s not true.”

I was dumbfounded. He was pleased. Big Bang, matter drawing matter, creating black holes, fusion, light, heat, energy?

“You cannot have gravity without all The Four Forces” he grinned, at my ignorance.

Of course, electricity, magnetism are there and he noted without those and the other forces there is no mattter, thus no gravity: my thought was simply wrong.

Of course electricity and magnetism are one force, but there are at least 2 more “strong” and “weak” and maybe ‘Higgs”. So I was wrong in ignorance, but am I wrong to simply collapse observation to reflect my understanding? We live gravity. We stand up, weigh ourselves, and do not see or really deal with anything but the convenience of applied electro-magnetism. And I could not even address the other 2 (or perhaps 3) completely unnoticed forces unless I was with him in the CERN Experiment.


“I guess.” He said.

I see the greening of things and think of the aphoristic truth: when spring comes, things come out of dormancy and grow. Of course they do. When we had a hard frost after they grew last spring it killed stuff. Warm causes growth, cold suppresses it. Of course.

But it is greening, now and it is wicked cold. And has been all spring but for a few days.

Turns out plants sorta have neurology. Kinda. They call for growing or dormancy inside whatever brainlike structure they have. I guess I like the taste of brains in my bread.

Gravity. Spring. Bread. We live in those things. Every day.

But we are not all physicists or plant biology researchers or even priests, rabbi’s or shamans who can declare greater understanding.

So I think plants sprout when it is warm, and gravity is the one force I can see everywhere, all the time.

I guess I am wrong. I guess I should know that electromagnetism, hormone triggers in plant cells and the Ressurection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ informs all these things.

But I cannot see them.

I know that some know much more that I ever will, but I also know that the meaning of things, real and present things, is not dependent on hormones or gluons, or transfiguration. We can see more the more we know, but the reality of those things is just deeper, not justified.

No physicist sees “strong” and “weak” subatomic forces without extreme effort. Plant brains cannot be dissected and revealed. After a life in church I have no idea that Communion connects me to a dinner 2000 years ago.

Inside baseball is good when you live in it, but unnecessary when I listen to the game on the radio, in bed, at night, seeing the players in my mind.

Would I enjoy the game more? I do not know if I appreciate more in buildings having helped create them over the last 40 years.

But I had to know how to do them. My friend had to know those forces way beyond simple gravity. My cleric friends had to see the deep back ground in the Mystery of Faith.

Mystery, for many, is an insult. Like Fredo in The Godfather we plead our intelligence, apply it, use it, extend it to make sense of sprouting and gravity and The Virgin Birth.

I do not know any of those things. But I know I weigh less now that a year ago. I know the frost in late March freaks me out. I know I am not drinking Christ’s blood, in any way, each Eucharist.

We are on the front lines of humanity. Each of us, all the time. Out generals are too. But the generals want to know how this is happening.

But the “why” in a battle is irrelevant. We are in a mind-absorbing survival task. Knowing how a bullet kills you does not stop it from killing you. But it helps the Medic. But if there only medics there would be no battle. Maybe that is where we are headed.

But now, we are built around gravity, sprouting, and, for me, more than anything else, Faith.

It is hard to defend in places of Higgs Particles and Plant Brains and Eucharist. But it does not matter.

Because Faith makes everything else welcome and good and inevitable.

Especially in Lent. In Silence. In the Frost.

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